General ------- XFOIL and its plot library should compile on any Unix system with normal Fortran-77, C, and X-Windows support. So far, XFOIL has been tested on the following systems: DEC-5000 Alpha SGI * Sun * RS/6000 * HP-9000 * Pentium/Linux The systems marked with "*" have peculiar features which require slight modifications to the Makefiles in the plotlib/ and bin/ directories. Examine these Makefiles before building the plot library and XFOIL. Build sequence -------------- 1) Build Orr-Sommerfeld database in ./orrs % cd orrs Follow directions in orrs/README 2) Build the plot library in ./plotlib ... % cd plotlib % edit Makefile (set compiler flags for your machine) % make libPlt.a 3) Build the programs in ./bin ... % cd bin % edit Makefile (set compiler flags for your machine) % make xfoil % make pplot % make pxplot Documentation ------------- User Guide is in the xfoil.doc file. If impatient, you can just run XFOIL in the runs/ directory, which contains a few input files: % cd runs % ../bin/xfoil The file session.txt contains keyboard inputs for a typical interactive session. If one is lost when running XFOIL, typing a "?" at any command prompt, e.g. .GDES c> ? will always produce a keyboard command menu.