bogom - simple sendmail milter to interface bogofilter Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Juan J. Martinez Required -------- This milter requires libmiter API for sendmail 8.13.x or later. Installing bogofilter is a good idea also. Bogom has been developed and tested with the following: sendmail 8.13.0 and 8.14.1 bogofilter 0.92.8 (with BerkeleyDB 4.2.52) Build and Install ----------------- This milter has been developed in OpenBSD, so you may need to tweak the Makefile in order to compile it in other systems. Check README.* files for specific notes. On most Linux and BSD based systems, simply try: $ make $ su # make install Bogom has been packaged for FreeBSD (mail/milter-bogom) and non officially for some Linux distributions. IMPORTANT: since 1.8.1+ the bogom binary is installed into $(PREFIX)/libexec, so be sure to remove $(PREFIX)/sbin/bogom from any previous installation. Unprivileged user ----------------- When root starts bogom, the program drops its privileges to another user. It's a good idea you create a new user to run the milter. By default bogofilter user is expected. # mkdir /var/spool/bogofilter Configure bogofilter with: bogofilter_dir=/var/spool/bogofilter ... and create your intial words database. After that, setup the environment with: # chown -R bogofilter:bogofilter /var/spool/bogofilter # chmod 700 /var/spool/bogofilter # chmod 600 /var/spool/bogofilter/wordlist.db Custom installation step by step -------------------------------- bogom provides some defaults, but don't have to stick into them. Here follows a 'step by step' quickstart to configure bogom and bogofilter. + Install bogofilter + Install bogom + Create the '_bogom' user and group + Create the directories and apply permissions: # mkdir -p /var/run/bogom && chown _bogom:_bogom /var/run/bogom # mkdir -p /var/db/bogofilter && chown _bogom:_bogom /var/db/bogofilter + Copy the example bogofilter.cf file into /etc and edit it: bogofilter_dir=/var/db/bogofilter + Setup bogofilter database. About 500 messages of spam/ham will be nice: # su _bogom -c "bogofilter -s < spam.mbox" # su _bogom -c "bogofilter -n < ham.mbox" (use su with -m option if _bogom user doesn't have shell account) + Install the example conf file at /etc/bogom.conf and edit it. At least you should set up: user "_bogom" pidfile "/var/run/bogom/bogom.pid" connection "unix:/var/run/bogom/milter.sock" + Add to your sendmail mc file: INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`bogom',\ `S=unix:/var/run/bogom/milter.sock, T=S:30s;R:1m') (rebuild and install the cf file) + Add bogom to your rc or init.d scripts + Restart sendmail + Exec bogom or reboot the system * EOF *