7seg.gitSimple ASCII 7 segment display4 years
Xfoil.gitXfoil4 years
aclock.gitASCII clock4 years
acme.gitAutomated Certificate Management Environment 17 months
add.gitPrimitive recursive functions 2 years
anki.gitAnki Drive SDK3 years
anoncvs.gitAnonymous CVS shell4 years
apl.gitAPL\Go 7 months
asn1.gitASN.1 Documentation 23 months
avr.gitDimOS -- real time preemptive kernel for Atmegas4 years
bf.gitBrainFuck interpreter4 years
blinkstick.gitBlinkStick15 months
blog.gitdim13 blog 4 months
blogsum.gitBlogSum fork4 years
bogom.gitSendMail Milter to interface Bogofilter4 years
boot.gitSimple bootmanager inspired by booteasy4 years
booteasy.gitExtended BootEasy4 years
bot.gitIRC Bot 7 months
bsd_lists.gitBSD sys/queue.h lists example4 years
btget.gitGo BitTorrent client13 months
calc.gitsimple calc 6 months
cgi.gitMisc CGI12 months
coherent.gitCoherent UNIX Serial Keygen 5 years
correct-horse-battery-staple.gitcorrect-horse-battery-staple20 months
db.gitBerkeley DB 1.852 months
dcpu16.gitDCPU-16 Interpreter4 years
dddup.gitDynDns updater4 years
demomonitor.gitX11 Demo Monitor4 years
dice.gitASCII Dice4 years
dso138.gitDSO138 Firmware 4 years
duck.gitduckduckgo 5 years
elegoo.gitRobot Car Kit6 months
exercism.gitexercism.io7 months
float.gitGo float helper3 years
git.gitR/O Git in pure Go
gopot.gitGo Tea Pot in Tek3 years
gowiki.gitGo Wiki Tutorial 3 years
goxy.gitGo proxy 23 months
hershey.gitHershey Vector Font 2 months
homo.git years
itermcolors.gitiTerm to Xresource color scheme convertor3 years
j1.gitJ1: a small Forth CPU Core for FPGAs3 months
larswm.gitLarsWM Config4 years
lavenshtein.gitLavenshtein Distance2 years
linkchecker.gitLink checker 4 years
livewatch.gitLivewatch server 4 years
lkm.gitOpenBSD LKMs4 years
lsort.gitLinked-link sort4 years
malbolgo.gitMalbolge interpreter in Go3 years
mars.gitMemory Array Redcode Simulator3 years
messenger.gitErlang messenger 4 years
monkey.gitMonkey programming language6 months
netmet.gitGraphical Network Monitor for OpenBSD4 years
netmet2.gitGraphical Network Monitor for OpenBSD4 months
newcert.gitGenerate a self-signed X.509 certificate 4 years
pbx.gitNCP500 Erlang Playground4 years
philo.gitDining philosophers 3 years
pinata.gitBTC Piñata 2 years
pl_calc.gitKR reverse polish calc4 years
pomodoro.gitPomodoro timer21 months
pq.gitProgress Quest22 months
pvtrace.gitC code instrumentation6 months
reboot.gitReboot hacks from DOS era4 years
redbutton.gitDream Cheeky Big Red Button 21 months
rfc.gitRFC Parser 4 years
robo.gitGraphtec Craft ROBO CC100 24 months
roman.gitRoman numerals23 months
rsa.gitDumb RSA Factorizer3 years
rss.gitRSS Fetcher 7 months
setnumlock.gitX11 Set Num-Lock4 years
signify.gitOpenBSD signify in Go23 months
snow.gitSimple ncurses/queue screen hack4 years
sp12.gitSP12 LPT AVR Programmer7 months
spectrogram.gitVisualisation hack for aucat3 years
stack.gitsimple stack 4 years
stern.gitOld 3D hack4 years
strlen.gitstring length 3 years
tekclock.gitTektronix clock4 years
tekilda.gitTektronix ILDA4 years
tekpot.gitTektronix Utah teapot4 years
telejet.gitTELEJET Web Resetter4 years
tgeb.gitTGeb Parasite4 years
theo.gitTheo quotes 17 months
turing.gitTuring Machine interpreter4 years
urban.gitUrbandictionary API 2 years
vt100.gitVT100 Formating 5 years
watch.gitExecute program periodically, showing output fullscreen7 months
weasel.gitMethinks it is like a weasel4 years
weather.gitopenweathermap API 4 years
wol.gitWake on LAN4 years
writeroom.gitGTK Write Room4 years
x.gitExperimental7 months
xbittorrent.gitX11 BitTorrent client4 years